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frequently asked questions

Cotton Branch
  • How much do EVE services cost?
    At Eco Ventures English, we treat each project as unique as the clients behind them. To get started, we always provide a complimentary quote for your project, based on an assessment by our highly-skilled linguistic team. That way, you get to know the costs upfront before committing to anything. Because there is a wide variety of material types, a general cost range would be: translation $0.12-$0.20 per word (p/w), proofreading $0.06-$0.10 p/w, and editing $0.04-$0.06 p/w. Formatting, research time, and any addtional services you may choose to include in your package (such as the creation of a personalized translation memory) are priced depending on their unique factors.
  • Why Should I Choose EVE over a Large Agency?
    Something that separates small translation companies like ours from the big-box agencies out there is our dedication to paying attention to the things that make you, you. Above just your specific language and timeline needs, we will always take into account the needs unique to your source and target cultures, audiences, and genre types. We back this with complimentary rounds of edits until you're fully satisfied and complimentary consultations through whichever platform best suits you. Because we only take on projects we're passionate about, you can always trust that we are dedicated to you and making your project the absolute best it can be. And that's just simply something the big guys can't match.
  • How Long Do EVE Services Take?
    Many things go into providing a timeline estimate, such as the amount of research that may need to be done in order to ensure your project comes out perfect. This will all be factored into your complimentary, non-committal quote we provide before getting started on any project. Generally speaking, the paces of our services are: translation at 300 words per hour (wph), proofreading at 600 wph, and editing at 900 wph. These are some of the quickest industry turn-around-times for highly-qualified, degree-backed professionals, which don't result in a loss of quality.
  • What If I Change My Mind about the Project?
    Since we will be sure to go over each step of the process with you before getting started, you have the opportunity to change your mind at any point in the preliminary consultation phase, without any hard feelings. Once you've decided to go ahead with your project, we'll sign contracts that have their own specific set of terms and conditions. These can be found on our website, linked below on the footer of each page.
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