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Who We Are

Your linguistic partners for a greener tomorrow.

Eco-focused groups, researchers, and businesses need tailored linguistic support that matches their unique message.

More than just translation or editing, our clients need language solutions.

With our deep environmental knowledge, we create more than just comprehensible, beautiful, marketable English texts.

At Eco Ventures English, we harness the power of language to help our Clients create a greener tomorrow.

Our Team

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Ecolinguistic Specialist

Rebekah Olson, MA, Founder

Passionate about all things language and nature, Rebekah has tuned her linguistic skills from three academic degrees and ten years in the language solutions industry to fit the world of eco-focused messaging.
That's why Rebekah founded Eco Ventures English - to offer clients more than just a language service, but a pro-environment, knowledgeable, and friendly language solutions partner you can rely on.

Environmental Psychologist

Daniel Sloot, PhD, Consultant

As a behavioral scientist with a PhD in social and environmental psychology, Daniel consults for Eco Ventures English on marketing impact, consumer motivations, and academic publications.

In his role as a quantitative researcher, he examines the drivers of and barriers to sustainable behavior by using survey studies and data science to apply behavioral insights for addressing societal challenges.

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Work With Us

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We're always looking for new partners

We work with bright, skilled, experienced freelancers from all walks of life who are passionate about the environment.


5+ years experience

MA in translation



Environmentally-related field



Marketing Experts

Consumer awareness

Experience in eco-trends

Target audience adaptation

Graphic Designers

Industry experience

Illustration & design skills

Pro-environmental drive

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